Why Do I Sweat When I Sleep?

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Phenomenon less common than excessive day sweating, night sweating is just as troublesome. It should not always be taken lightly because it can sometimes be symptomatic of a more serious disease. Doctissimo tells you more about a disorder that can really make you sweat.

Night sweating is a problem that must be differentiated from a simple sweat or a heat stroke due to a temperature that is too high in the room. People who suffer regularly from night sweats can really be handicapped by this disorder that requires them to change sheets and pajamas in the middle of the night. "Night sweating causes patients to wake up in the middle of the night to change their clothes," says dermatologist Nina Roos. A break in the rhythm of sleep that causes some fatigue in the long term.

Night sweating, a deeper ache in sleep?

Although night sweating has the same mechanisms as excessive day sweating (hyperhidrosis), it does not affect the same type of people. "In general, we do not sweat or little at night, even people suffering from hyperhidrosis are only embarrassed during the day, because at night the sweat glands are at rest," clarifies the dermatologist. The majority of people are not exposed (except in case of overheating of the room or accumulation of duvet and blankets).

"Night sweating affects a very special population," warns Nina Roos. "This mainly concerns people suffering from major infectious diseases, lymphoma, thyroid dysfunction". Hence the importance of consulting a health professional in case of unjustified nocturnal transpiration (by stress, heat or, on the contrary, the fight against the cold, etc.), especially when accompanied by fatigue and loss of consciousness. weight.

But the dermatologist is reassuring: "if we do not trivialize the phenomenon that can sometimes be a gateway to certain pathologies, do not be alarmist either." Because sweating a lot when you sleep can also be linked to bad habits. As for young children, the fact that they sweat at night should not worry parents. Unlike adults, babies up to three or four can sweat too much when they sleep. "This should not be a source of concern for parents," reassures the dermatologist, it has indeed tend to a little too much cover.

Avoid night sweating

With a 19 ° room, you should not normally perspire at night. If this happens, dermatologist Nina Roos recalls some practical tips:

- check that there is good ventilation in the room;
- avoid synthetic pajamas and prefer natural fibers;
- think of bedding in winter / summer mode ;
- do not wear fleece on the skin;
- avoid synthetic mattress covers ;
- take the time to relax before going to bed.

And if problems persist, consult a professional. He will then try to determine with you the causes of this perspiration that prevents you from sleeping.

Thanks to Dr. Nina Roos, dermatologist