How To Get Rid Of Roaches?

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To kill and eliminate cockroaches and cockroaches and eliminate them from our kitchens, to get rid of them permanently you must know the right method and use effective products and adapted.


The druggist's solution to get rid of cockroaches and cockroaches.

Life in the company of roaches and cockroaches is unbearable. These pests are the markers of insalubrity, coming from sewers they enter the kitchen, even in the refrigerator, they swarm and lay on food, carrying with them fecal germs and bacteria of all kinds. For 400 million years, the planet is colonized by 4000 species of roaches called cockroaches, cockroaches, cockroaches or ravets.

The fight against cockroaches and cockroaches is quite simple to carry out and you will quickly obtain very significant results .

The difficulty will be to prevent them from coming back. These insects proliferate and multiply in all situations thanks to their exceptional adaptability. Able to travel the equivalent of 50 x the length of their body in one second, they would run at 320 Km / h if they were the size of a man. They can be immersed for 40 minutes under water without drowning, they are omnivorous and know how to feed on everything, cardboard, excrement, meat, fish, vegetables, corpses of their congeners … In short day and night, they are inhabited by an obsessive energy to multiply and devour almost everything in their path.

Two golden rules to eradicate cockroaches

  • Cockroaches and cockroaches are attracted to our food and water.

Do not try them , the apartment must be clean and tidy, no crumbs on the floor or on the shelves. Food should be stored in a clean refrigerator or in airtight containers.

  • The treatment must be complete to be effective.

If you really want to get rid of roaches, you have to act methodically as a professional . It is not complicated and fast enough to implement.

A big cleaning is necessary.

Cockroaches should not find food, water or nesting grounds.

First you have to inspect the food to check if the roaches have not laid eggs. If in doubt, suspect foods should be discarded in airtight bags. The food of your pets and onions especially attract cockroaches.

Aspirate and clean. Everything must be clean and scrubbed: cupboards, shelves, refrigerator, worktops, under the sink and bathtub, floors, tiles and possibly walls. For this great cleaning, I recommend BIONATURA Universal Detergent, ENZYPIN Kitchen Cleaner and of course BIONATURA Concentrated Vinegar . Get rid of vacuum bags by throwing them into sealed plastic bags.

To kill cockroaches and cockroaches: the druggist's method

To be sure of destroying all cockroaches, it is necessary to treat simultaneously with different products that will act synergistically .

the strategy of encirclement

To avoid the spread of cockroaches , it is necessary to start by spraying with BSI STOP Insects the contours of the rooms: the skirting boards, the contours of windows and doors. You can reinforce this barrier by spraying halfway up walls all around the room. In this way, insects who want to flee the treatment will have to go through impregnated and deadly areas for them.

All surfaces that you impregnate with BSI STOP Insects will remain active for at least eight weeks. They will be so many poisoned and deadly areas for cockroaches. I remind you that these products based on pyrethroids are without toxicity proven at this dilution rate for users and pets, with the exception of the cat, but only by ingestion.

Do not neglect furniture treatment with BSI STOP Insects : exterior, interior, in and under drawers. But also the electric chutes, the cracks in the walls, the mouths of VMC , the trash and the garbage chute . They also appreciate the soft warmth of the kennel or basket of dogs and cats that must also be treated (even the cat's basket).

Treatment of spawning grounds

Cockroaches have to drink very regularly and they enjoy dark, damp and warm recesses. It is also in these places that they lay and multiply. It is therefore necessary to treat these strategic locations very strongly with even more powerful products. In the kitchen and bathroom, under the sink, around the bath and sink. Do not forget the back of the refrigerator: the cup that collects the condensation just above the engine is a boon for cockroaches. The water is hot and more or less stagnant, it is dark and nobody disturbs them. On some models of refrigerators, this cup is not apparent, but it is still necessary to treat.

To treat nesting and cockroach reproduction, especially in case of heavy infestation, I recommend 2 products:

KAPO Shock against cockroaches and cockroaches in 400 ml and BSI Maxi cockroach syringe Limidasect

  • KAPO Shock cockroaches and cockroaches spray 400 ml. is a mixture of different pyrethroids highly dosed and specially adapted to kill cockroaches and destroy their eggs. Its blinding power almost instantly kills roaches, cockroaches and their eggs. It is applied by spraying. Surfaces treated with KAPO Choc against cockroaches and cockroaches will remain poisoned for three months. During treatment and to avoid a tingling of the nasal cavity, I recommend opening the windows and wearing a FFP3 filter paper mask.
  • Kapo Anti Cockroach Syringe is a product used by professionals to treat restaurant kitchens, hospitals, warehouses and food stores. Very concentrated, the 10 grams of this insecticide are enough to treat 150 m². Using other molecules than pyrethroids in Kapo Choc cockroaches, this syringe contains 2.15% concentrated imidacloprid. Just apply a few drops in the dark recesses and close to the water points. This poison will remain active for three months.

Maintenance treatment to prevent cockroaches from coming back

A tidy apartment is easier and faster to deal with. The cleaning should be done regularly, simple crumbs on the ground or garbage cans attract cockroaches. On the contrary, clean surfaces with cleansing vinegar will keep them away.

This treatment only takes a few minutes.

  • Spray regularly with BSI STOP Insects or in case of heavy infestation with KAPO Shock cockroaches and cockroaches in 400 ml.
  • Complete this treatment with poisoned gel syringe deposits in dark recesses.
  • Place Kapo Cockroach traps These traps are irreplaceable. They are placed in strategic places of life cockroaches

1) This is the best way to assess cockroach density : a trap set up for 24 hours and already containing 10 roaches indicates a heavily infested apartment.

2) This trap allows you to capture intruders before they settle to spawn in your apartment.

3) Without any pesticide , this trap does not produce any addiction in insects.

  • Use ORKA self-winding bombs. It's ultra fast and very efficient . Placed in the middle of the room, it empties in 3 minutes by saturating the atmosphere of the room with pyrethroid particles that will settle on all surfaces.
  • Make yourself very economical and ecological cockroach traps:

Diatomaceous earth is a totally natural and pesticide-free insecticide. In any container, empty tin can, old jam jar or dish, put a 2 cm bottom of diatomaceous earth and add in the center an appetizing, for example a piece of meat or cheese, coffee grounds, Sugar … And here you are, making an irresistibly fatal trap!

Roaches on the front of the house.

This is a much more widespread problem than we believe.

Roaches can settle in the garden or in ivy. From there they enter the house by climbing the facade, sneaking under the doors and shutter boxes and of course through the open windows.

There are also cockroach flights.

Like locusts, the Germanic cockroach flies badly but it flies enough to be carried away by warm winds. I saw cockroaches on a hot summer night, as if coming from nowhere, to lean on a house whose white facade was lit by public lighting. It seemed to attract them especially.

To protect myself from these assaults , I recommend a product: BSI STOP Insects in 5 liter can.

To prevent cockroaches and other insects from moving to my home, I treat my entire attic house twice a year at the winery by spraying BSI STOP Insects on chairs, rugs, curtains, bedding, the kitchen, the floors, the walls, the carpets …

I spray specially on the inner and outer contours of windows and doors. I also spray BSI STOP Insects at the bottom of the house facade to create two poisonous areas for insects attempting to climb. An area covering 30 cm of the bottom of the wall and another area at height of man. These two treatment areas are each around the house.

As we know, this product is deadly to bees, but these places do not attract them.

The problem will be much more complicated if roaches are housed in an ivy that covers the front of the house. The ivy flowers have a late bloom. They offer their pollen to bees in September and October, at a time when many other flowers are faded. So the ivy treatment period will be from spring to the end of July with natural pyrethrin (very soon available on the natural drugstore) which has a much less persistent remanence than pyrethroids. Pyrethrins are naturally degraded by UV rays, so a good sprinkler rinse in mid-August will eliminate the rest.

Collective buildings

You treat and maintain your apartment, but roaches and cockroaches have invaded the entire building. Some tenants do not treat or not enough. How to do ?

I will devote soon an article on this subject, a little patience and you will be able to read more …