Can You Have Your Period While Pregnant?

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Did you know that menstrual periods come back, month after month, even in pregnant women? Sometimes women who do not do this do not realize right away that they are pregnant because these rules make pregnancy impossible. Others, who had already passed the test, are terrified to think that the end of amenorrhea means that they are experiencing a miscarriage . Nevertheless, several well-documented reasons explain the presence of the rules at the pregnant women. Here's what's causing them and what to do if it happens to you.

Birthday rules

The first reason that can explain a return of menstruation during pregnancy is what is called the "birthday rules". As their name suggests, these rules come back when your period should have started if you were not pregnant. They can be plentiful or very light, but they are usually different from the rules you had before.

Their presence is still rare and their causes are not known exactly. If they sometimes make it more time for women to realize that they are pregnant, they may also worry those who have already taken the test and are worried about miscarriage. Yet, they are generally quite harmless. They arrive more often in the first month of pregnancy , but they can also come back for a few more months.

Even if you thought you were done with them, it is possible that your periods reappear early in pregnancy, but do not worry, it will not last.

What to do

It is still best to contact your doctor every time you notice bleeding during pregnancy. You will be given some tests that may include abdominal palpation, pregnancy test, cervical exam, or pelvic ultrasound. These tests will confirm whether these rules were birthday rules or something is wrong. When in doubt and if you are too eager to wait until the appointment, you can also take a pregnancy test at home. However, this test will not dispense you from meeting your doctor if your pregnancy has already been confirmed.

If these rules were very plentiful, as they sometimes are, you can take advantage of your appointment with the gynecologist to ask if you should make changes in your diet to compensate for blood loss.

The denial of pregnancy

The other reason that can explain the presence of menstruation during a normal pregnancy is denial of pregnancy. This is an unusual phenomenon in which women consciously or unconsciously refuse to see that they are pregnant. Their psychological denial is so strong that the body also denies any form of pregnancy. The nausea are absent, the belly does not grow as much and the rules continue as if the cycle had never stopped. In these women, it is sometimes the birth that confirms the pregnancy!

It is amazing for most of us to imagine being completely unaware of such advanced pregnancy, but it is a real phenomenon. We have a complete article on denial of pregnancy that will explain the ins and outs.

The opposite is also true

Many women who want a child and are struggling to become pregnant are asking everywhere on the Web: "I had my period, can I still be pregnant? ". It should be noted that the rules of pregnancy are still the exception and that in general, the rules confirm the absence of pregnancy. So do not rely too much hope on these pregnancy bleeds.

If in doubt, use a pharmacy pregnancy test. A negative result will confirm that your period was menstruation and not birthdays; if not, you will need to make an appointment for your first pregnancy appointment!